Bachelder Lane Farm

17 Bachelder Lane
Stratton, ME 04982

​Bachelder Lane Farm opened in 2011 and has been in the Bachelder family for some 75+ years.  It was established by Aaron and Marion Bachelder, then it was passed on to their grandson Carl Hill.  It has been Carl's dream to bring back dairy and pass this dying art on to our younger folk.  The last dairy farm in Stratton was owned by Beanie Butt and closed in 1961.

​We specialize in miniature jerseys and lowline angus.  We are state licensed and inspected.  We sell a variety of raw milk products, not limited to but including ice cream, butter and yogurt.

We enjoy working with children school-age to 99, teaching them the art of farming.  We work with non-profits like the Flagstaff school, and have raised $8,000 in the past four years for the 8th grade class trip.


We are located 3 tenths of a mile out of Stratton on the Rangeley Road, Rt 16, and have a small store there.  Please follow us on Facebook.



We are a State inspected and licensed small farm just outside of Stratton Maine, in the Sugarloaf mountain region. We sell raw milk products and more. As of now we sell
Whole milk 2 qts. $3.00
Low-Fat Milk 2 qts. $2.00
Cream 2 qts. $5.00
Cream 1 qt. $3.00...




Ice cream assorted flavors 16 oz. $4.00
Butter 1 lb. $7.00 1/2 lb. $4.00
Flavored butter 1/2 lb. (garlic, garlic/dill, maple, sage, and berry) $5.00
Yogurt (maple flavored Greek-style)(The best yogurt I've ever tasted) 8 oz. $1.50 and 32 oz. coming soon $6.00.

Bachelder Lane farm