The Merchantile

133 Broadway
Farmington, ME 04938

The Merchantile, a mix of new things, antiques, home decor items, gently used children's clothing,  art supplies and many other things.

The shop's owner Christine Geisser is no stranger to downtown's retail business nor antiques.

She owned an antique shop on Broadway a few years ago and, more recently, a weekend antique shop in what is now Stone Hearth Café across from her current location. She's worked in the antique business for a decade.

Help with the shop comes from Tom Saviello of Wilton, who with Geisser picks out the antiques, along with a few vendors that include Earl Martin of Chesterville, an antique glass expert; Sally Tyler, who supplies "girly girl" children's clothing, cottage and shabby chic decor items and Tricia Johnston's children's wares and gifts.

Geisser said she wants a good mix of things at her shop so she can offer something for everyone. "We'll keep things vibrant and see what people like."

Already a known favorite of all ages are the bins of nostalgic candy she carries.  Formerly known as penny candy, "it's popular with the little ones," Geisser said smiling.

The Merchantile is located at 133 Broadway in Farmington. The shop is open Tuesday thru Thursday 10am-5pm, Saturdays 10-4. Geisser said to watch for the flag flying on many afternoons from 2:30-5 pm. when she will also be at the shop.