Twisted Creations

237 Main Street
Kingfield, ME 04947
(207) 778-6884


Twisted Creations

Looking for something different for your home? Something one of a kind? Looking for something a little twisted?
John Brown and his wife, Theresa, have just opened a new store, Twisted Creations, on Main Street in Kingfield.

John Brown has been creating one-of-kind pieces from wood and vines for 20 years. John now creates furniture right outside his store.
Brown makes a little bit of everything: cutting boards, lamps, counter tops, chairs, benches, beds and cabinetry.

“What I love is that every piece is different. Each piece looks different depending on the light and angle”.
Although all types of wood are used in Brown’s creations, he uses mostly hardwood and Bittersweet Vine.
The vine is an invasive species here in Maine. It wraps itself around trees and in five years kills the trees.
It is a fast growing, tough vine that was originally from Asia. It was brought to the US in the 1860s
and is now listed as a national invasive species by the United State Department of Agriculture.

Twisted Creations is open Wednesday thru Sunday 10 am to 5pm.
Brown can be available other times by appointment and can be reached at 778-6884.