With the winter behind us, the birds have come back to Maine's High Peaks and can be seen everywhere! Whether in your own backyard, at the Carrabassett River, eating on the deck at Longfellow's Restaurant, or stopping in at the Visitor's Center, the birds are back and are chirping their songs for Spring! After a long winter, these birds can be seen soaring high over head or nestled in a budding tree. In Maine's High Peaks you can expect area-specific birds, like the pruce grouse, black-backed woodpecker, yellow-bellied flycatcher, northern raven, gray jay, boreal chickadee, winter wren, Swainson’s and gray-cheeked thrushes, golden-crowned kinglet, blackpoll warbler, white-throated sparrow, and dark-eyed junco are all among the characteristic birds to be found here! Where? Saddleback Mountain, Appalachian Trail east of Rangeley; in the spruce-fir and northern hardwood forest you'll be able to find many warblers, black-backed woodpeckers, gray-cheeked thrushes, and other northern species. This information can be found here.