Cross Country Skiing


Cross Country Skiing, Snowshoeing & Skating

Whether you’re a snowshoer, cross country skier, skater (or all three), you will be thrilled at the many opportunities here for these winter sports! There are plenty of back-country trails to explore here in the High Peaks of Maine, be it a trek up the Narrow Gauge Pathway on your snowshoes or XC skiing at the Outdoor Center, with over 54 miles of trails! The Outdoor Center also has many miles of maintained snowshoe trails and a newly renovated NHL sized skating rink with a full line of ice skate rentals for adults and children.

Maine Huts and Trails also offers both XC skiing and snowshoeing on their trails to the Huts! Cathedral Pines Pathway in Eustis gives you a chance to XC ski and snowshoe through magnificent towering pines. And don’t forget Saddleback: there you will find the Rangeley Lakes Trails Center, which has an additional 34 amazing miles of XC skiing and snowshoeing. No matter where you choose to go, all throughout the High Peak’s Region expect well-groomed trails and terrain that any level of XC skier and snowshoer will enjoy!