Moose Watch!

Now that the warmer weather is approaching, we might be able to see over some of the melting snowbanks and see some wildlife! Driving north on RTE 27 during dusk is the best time to see moose in the High Peaks Region. If you're at Sugarloaf, then head on over to the Condo Check in building and follow the dirt drive to the right, behind the big shed. There you'll see a small nook where some local moose chill out to munch their food and drink the water. Heading out of the access road, you'll want to take a left, towards Wyman, Eustis/Stratton and Rangeley. In Wyman, you'll have a few opportunities to see more moose at the sand/gravel pits on both your left and right. Heading farther north still, you will reach Chain of Ponds, and get a chance to see many more moose. Remember: Drive safely, don't feed the moose, and please, don't attempt to pet them! Saddleback also offers Moose Tours - hop on their Saddleback bus and they will bring you on a tour of the local hotspots! Reservations are required; for more information, contact: 207-864-5496. For more information on moose watching, head over to this site.