Snowmobiling in The Maine's High Peaks Region

For snowmobilers, winter in Maine is filled with travel, adventure and the camaraderie of those who enjoy the crisp air and varied landscapes of the season. As soon as the first snow happens and the trails are groomed, you’ll find a bounty of areas to discover while snowmobiling in the High Peaks Region!

You can explore the Black Fly Loop throughout Franklin County and The Arnold Trail to Canada among so many others.

You’ll find over 300 miles on the Black Fly Loop, which circles all of Franklin County. Those trails reach North through Eustis, Jackman and the Forks, west to Rangeley, Oquossoc and New Hampshire, east to Carrabassett Valley, Kingfield and New Portland and south to Farmington, Wilton and Weld.

The Black Fly Loop has the widest variety of trails available in the east. These uncrowded trails wander through stands of pine and climb majestic mountains.

The Arnold Trail Snowmobile Club offers 150 miles of local trails--from Carrabassett to Rangeley, Grand Falls, right on up to Canada!

Day tripping from home or trailering far from home, snowmobilers seek the same thing: well-groomed, well-marked trails. Forty years of trail development by snowmobile club volunteers have produced a network of over 13,500 of such trails in Maine.

Designated the “Interconnected Trail System,” it provides many opportunities for long distance riding across the state. In a good snow year, riders may access the ITS at any location, then snowmobile to any other location within the system.

Wherever snow lands this winter, there’s most likely an MSA club in the area that’s been preparing for its arrival. The Arnold Trail Snowmobile Club in Stratton/Eustis, J.V. Wing Snowmobile Club in Carrabassett Valley and The Sno-Wanderers of Kingfield have done wonders for snowmobiling in our Region.

MSA snowmobile clubs are proud of their trail system and welcome all visitors who ride safely, respect the land and landowners and the club’s efforts.

Enjoy . . . Franklin County welcomes you!