2014 Membership Application

Would you like to become a FABA member? Complete the form below! (All fields with * are required.) Membership dues for 2014 are $100.00. Each additional business that you own may become a member for 1/2 off - $50.00! Associate Membership (networks, Artisans, Crafters, Authors, Traditional Artists, Bakers, Farm Stands & Producers, etc.) dues for 2014 are $50.00. Once you submit the form, it will be received and put into our records. Once we have received your payment for membership, you will then see your business and information included on our website! If you're already a FABA member and need to renew, complete the form below, regardless of changes. Payment Make checks payable to: FABA PO Box 134 Eustis, ME 04936